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MKMN brings together interested community-based research, teaching & learning professionals in the Midwestern United States with the goal of promoting and strengthening interdisciplinary structures in higher education institutions. The network consists of scholars, faculty, administrative connectors, faculty, and students who seek to promote community engagement in higher education to address issues relevant to communities.

The focus of MKMN is on mobilizing the knowledge of collaborative research and learning that takes place in Midwestern U.S. communities.  We recognize that we share a region of the earth that faces common social, environmental, economic and political challenges and we are a network of scholars that seeks to support communities that are seeking equity through organizing local forms of knowledge production, applied practice and political advocacy.  Essentially, we meet, we network and then we seek to mobilize the knowledge resulting from our conversations.

Participation is open to all at no cost:  Join Us at our next event:  Stay tuned for an announcement of the next meeting in Chicago, Fall 2018

Midwest Knowledge Mobilization Network Workshop

Monday April 1, 2019.

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